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About Us

about RHD Logistics


At RHD Logistics, we have a goal-oriented vision that clearly identifies where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. With a view to being the Nordic Region’s leading provider of logistics solutions we continue to further develop our position as a global market leader in transport and logistics solutions.


We believe that adherence to our Core Values, as well as pride in our work and company, continuous improvement, and responsiveness, will lead us to continued growth. RHD Core Values are: EXCEED CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS,VALUE OUR PEOPLE,WORK SAFELY,DEMONSTRATE GOOD CITIZENSHIP,ACT WITH INTEGRITY,EMBRACE TEAMWORK

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RHD Logistics has the best people in the business, building a team of energetic, enthusiastic, expert logistics professionals determined to deliver the highest quality service experience. With outstanding coverage, we help ensure your goods arrive where and when you need them, whatever the mode.

RHD Logistics began in 2005 with one objective—to simplify transportation management. From end to end, solutions, and across all major transportation modes, RHD Logistics connects businesses that need to ship their products with carriers who transport goods quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

RHD logistics provides warehousing, distribution and transportation to assist organizations manage the flow of materials in the supply chain.

RHD specifically designed to reduce workload, increase market visibility and support the decision-making process through RHD advanced optimization and allocation tools.