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    Reliable Highly Dedicated Logistics
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  • RHD logistics delivers excellent services in
    supply chain solution across Pan India.
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  • Unique in the cargo trucking industry.
    Your goods are in safe hands.
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  • Delivering end-to-end supply chain solutions
    RHD Logistics serves for real-time services.
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RHD Logistics provides excellent warehousing operations we are higly professional in warehous operations. We operate more than 2lakh sqft wharehouse.




Reliable Highly Dedicated (RHD)

RHD Logistics began in 2005 with one objective—to simplify transportation management. From end to end, solutions, and across all major transportation modes, RHD Logistics connects businesses that need to ship their products with carriers who transport goods quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

RHD logistics provides warehousing, distribution and transportation to assist organizations manage the flow of materials in the supply chain.


ground transport

Transportation that is over land instead of on water or in the air Take ground transportation from the any pickup point to any delivery point. we operate more than 100 trucks

road carriage

For a Trader or a Manufacturer the goods are of great significance. Their existence, leave alone their profits depend on production and sales of the commodity. This involves moving from one to place to another either by way of sale or in the process stage itself.

Supply Chain Solutions

Delivering end-to-end supply chain solutions, RHD Logistics strives for real-time services. It boasts of a highly optimized supply chain service platform, enhanced by advanced infrastructure, technology and a vast network.

Tier 1 IT Systems

RHD Logistics uses the world’s leading IT systems to guarantee efficient operations and real-time solutions for customer supply chains. RHD Logistics works with SAP’s warehouse, transport and freight management systems to bring significant improvements in processes and supply chain monitoring

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