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1.Customer Care

Utmost care will be taken to service the customer to satisfy his ever growing needs .

2. Inventory

Accurate data will be made available on the availability of stocks to the Sales Force, Management etc., We will take full responsibility to match the Physical and the System Stocks.

3. Loading & Unloading Operations

We are having the capacity to unload nearly 400 to 500 tonnage per day. We will also ensure prompt loading all the pending Orders on the same day.

4. Dispatches

We will clear all order same day and will clear & dispach as per company requirement

5. Storage of Material

We will store the materials neatly size-wise, Sku-wise and Vertical-wise with proper Bin card system.

6. Handling of material

We have good trained laborers for handling the materials without incurring any damage.

7. Documents filing

We can file the acknowledgement , invoice, stk trfr doc, GST purchase doc, customer order, pending orders, material return doc with good binding so that they are easily traceable.

8. Pending order process

We can keep a track for pending orders on hand in an excel file so that same can help us to dispatch the pending materials once received from factory or other locations.

9. Communication

Once we dispatched the material the same will be intimated to dealer/customer/ executives and regional heads with all details.

10. Reports

we can send the depot stock report, material arrival report, daily dispatch details to the concern persons.